Nanette Sullano has been weaving her signature burden baskets and bowls for eight years, working as a designer since 2000, and is the owner of the gender-neutral online vintage shop for kids, Born and raised in Los Angeles, her interest in the native California people and flora have greatly informed her work and teachings. As a teacher, her workshops incorporate her practice of non-violent, empathic based communication along with ritual in honoring the plants and the land from which materials are gathered. In addition to her own workshops, Nanette is available to teach private classes and retreats, nationwide and abroad. Her weavings can be commissioned or purchased as made.

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Filtered Sunlight

Waxed Cotton and Pine Needle Bundles

Spirit Weavers Workshop

Pine Needle Basket

Hanging Burden Baskets

Eggplant Burden Bowl

Pink Burden Basket

Burden Bowl

Pink Burden Basket

Burden Basket

Womb Burden Basket

Burden Bowls

Burden Basket Drawing

Cotton Thread Waxing Table

General Store Display

Black Burden Basket

Cobalt Blue Brasil Sandals

Pink Burden Basket

Black Burden Basket

Burden Bowl at General Store

Burden Baskets

Pink Burden Bowl

General Store Window Display

Cotton String Bundles

Burden Basket Bottom

Pine Needle Baskets

Burden Bowls

Black Crane Studio

Small Burden Baskets

Golden Burden Basket

Beatrice Valenzuela

Golden Burden Bowl

Fibershed Workshop at Space 15 Twenty Gallery

Green and Brown Pine Needle Basket

Golden Burden Baskets

Pine Needle Baskets and Bundles

Burden Basket Drawing

Beaded Pine Needle Basket