Alluring Beach House Decorated with Oceanic Style

Nice Cream Sofa Set Design Idea Applied in Corona Del Mar Beach Home Finished with Small Fireplace ideas

Most of beach house is designed in light and breezy accent. It is also the concept employed by Corona del Mar designed by Bliss Design Firm. This waterfront resident looks beautiful in white color theme. Besides of the light impression, this interior design supports the minimalist concept as its style. The living room is in white as the monochromatic color theme. Modern white sofa looks great with white interior wall and ceiling. White simple shelves are also suitable with this white furniture. It displays the oceanic items such as corals and shells in various sizes and shapes. over the modern white fireplace. The shelves are also designed from concrete materials. They display the beach features such as the large shells or ocean stones. The white table is placed besides the white shelves. This table looks unique with the rustic texture. Wooden flooring in dark color gives the contrast color of bold color among the neutral interior color. Beach house decoration applied in this interior fits well with the interior design.

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The living room looks unique with the large wall clock in rustic texture between the classic chandeliers. Vintage standing lamp gives the additional lighting in this living room. The master bedroom is also applied the light color theme. White interior wall makes this bedroom interior looks bright and clean. Soft colored headboard looks great with white bedding as the focal point of the bedroom.

The minimalist kitchen looks fresh with white kitchen furniture in sleek design. It looks sleek and practical for minimalist kitchen concept. Large glass windows are set giving the airy and breezy impression in this kitchen area. White kitchen cabinets both on ground and mounted style create the simple look. Green plants are placed in the corner of the kitchen giving the natural color contrast among this white color theme. Bright beach house can make you enjoy your stay in the beach and feel like you are part of the oceanic nature.

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