Enchanting Warm Interior with Colorful Accent

This warm interior design is the project brought by Bliss Design Firm with the theme of a passion for color. Warm colors such as neutral colors and the soft colors are applied in this interior design. All the interior room such as the living room, dining room, and others employ these colors. The exciting thing is it has the colorful accent formed by the hot color such as orange, red, and green. These colors combination makes the room looks more cozy and warm.

Avoiding the dullness, red decoration is applied in this dining room with warm interior color. Oval dining room in dark wooden color looks great with a set of neutral colored modern chairs. A set of wall decoration is placed on the white interior wall. On the table by the dining furniture, there are glass decorations in red color. This adds the color contrast in the soft colored interior.

Appealing Living Room Interior Design Applied in a Passion for Color Ideas Equipped with Dark Brown Color Ideas Plan
Cofmortable Outdoor Living Space Applied in Modern House with Wooden Deck and a Passion for Color Ideas Plan
Comfortable Home Theater Design Ideas Applied in a Passion for Color Ideas Finished in Black Color
Large Dining Table Set in Classic Look Finished with Best a Passion for Color Ideas and Comfortable Chairs
Old Style Applied in Living Space with a Passion for Color Ideas Equipped with Small Fireplace with White Mantel Kit
Unique Shelving Unit Applied in Living Space with Best a Passion for Color Ideas in Red with White Chairs

The living room is furnished with modern furniture. A pair of white modern chairs looks great in front of the orange cabinet in traditional design. White interior wall is decorated by the black and white paintings. Green glass jug in artistic form is located besides the traditional orange cabinet. You will be stunned with these colors combination at the same room. The room employs both traditional and modern items, and applies both soft and hot colors. Giving the airy impression, large glass windows are set on the wall with long curtain attached on it.

Colorful traditional ornaments are also placed on the table in the corner of the room. Traditional wooden table has a classic table lamp, old books, wooden box, and two contemporary vases from terracotta materials on it. The master bedroom has neutral colors of white and grey. It looks classy and elegant with the classic sofas and lounges. Warm interior theme is suitable both for the traditional and contemporary interior.

Charming Minimalist Residence with Connected Interior and Exterior

NC-office has successfully completed the design of this minimalist residence. The residence named Schechter Residence located in Miami Beach has chic residence design with unique concept. The client wants the free access from interior to exterior and vice versa. Therefore, the design of this residence is in connected the inside home and the outside. Contemporary concept is applied in this residence interior design. Sleek and practical functions are the main basic principles of this modern residence. The minimalist style makes this residence look posh and clean.

Dark Brown Color Applied in Schechter Residence, Miami Beach House Dining Room Spce with White Wall Ideas Plan
Elegant Kitchen Ideas Applied in Schechter Residence, Miami Beach with White Color Scheme and Wooden Material
Exquiste Staircase Design Ideas in Dark Brown Color in Schechter Residence, Miami Beach Equipped with White Wall
White Color Ideas Applied in Schechter Residence, Miami Beach House Exterior Design Equipped with Iron Fencing Unit
Wooden Materia Usage Applied in Kitchen Space of Schechter Residence, Miami Beach with White Lampshade of Lamp

Neutral color is applied in this minimalist residence color. White is the color dominating the residence interior. The staircase looks great with windows steps and balustrade. This gives the contrast color to the bright color applied in most of the interior. Wooden color is also used as the dining furniture materials. Wooden chairs in Scandinavian style fits well with the large rectangular wooden table. This white dining area has wooden wall accent in one sides of the interior wall.

The minimalist kitchen designed for this house looks beautiful. Large glass windows are applied in order to give the bright look and let the natural light coming inside the kitchen. Wooden kitchen cabinets are applied as one of the major kitchen furniture. It has white surface joined with the contemporary kitchen appliances such as the stainless faucet and basin. White kitchen counter placed in front of these kitchen cabinets has the stove on it.

This minimalist kitchen looks stylish with the hanging modern sconces in round white shapes. The home exterior is designed in fresh look with the contemporary swimming pool as the exterior focal point. Outdoor furniture in white colors is employed making the outdoor space looks more relaxing. Updated minimalist residence is often designed by connecting the home interior and the exterior in order to create the airy space and free access to the entire house.

Jazzy Café Style Brightened by Contemporary Decoration

Almost all of us have ever gone to café and for sure taking a look of the café style. Is there any café interior design that is impressed you? If you have ever seen one, this can be your next reference. Café Bustelo, Gansevoort South, Miami Beach, Florida is designed in the sophisticated design by NC-office. Luminous café decoration is applied in this café interior. The interior design of this café is in ultramodern style. It consists of two floors. The second floor has the sleek balustrade in white steel.

Adorable Chasier Desk Finished with Best Desk Design Idea in White Color with White Shelving Unit Plan
Crystal Like Lamp Design Ideas Applied in Cafe Bustelo Finished with Best Flooring Unit in White Color Plan
Grey Color Ideas Applied on Flooring Unit of Cafe Bustelo Equipped with Wooden Wall Panel and Metal Colored One
White Countertop Design Ideas Finished in Cafe Bustelo with Grey Flooring Unit with Wooden Shelving in Modern Look

The decoration of this stylish café style is in hanging ornaments that looks like the luminous lighting. This makes the café has great additional lightings. The second floor is furnished with contemporary furniture is dark grey color. Modern sofas are in the lounge together with oval marble table in sleek design. It looks perfect with the contemporary grey chairs. Wooden flooring makes this café looks warm and has natural color sense. The wall is made from stainless materials that reflect the light of the hanging decorative lightings.

The first floor is furnished with wooden furniture. Wooden lounge is designed in the unique yet stylish way. Circular modern table in marble surface accompanies this wooden chair. The cashier counter is in white color. It makes the bar area looks clean and sleek. Simple white shelves are placed in front of this cashier’s counter displaying the items. Display counter is placed besides the cashier’s table in arched glass form. The wooden lounge has many small white circular tables with smaller wooden tables.

The cashier area has shelves around it. The wooden shelves with the Bustelo names display the items of the café. Wooden interior wall is used behind this cashier’s counter. White ceiling fits well with white flooring. Decorating café style can be the challenging task especially if we want to design the café with the unique design.

Basement Kitchen Ideas Planned for Functional Dining Area

Have you ever to try having the second basement kitchen ideas? Wishing this application in your basement may become the entertaining area to have togetherness with your families or friends. Some new kitchen furniture, appliances, storage, and also other tools may be needed. So now, you can fit it with some inspiring ideas that offer you the best idea based on basement kitchen ideas pictures and details.


Appliances that Needs to Place in Basement Kitchen Ideas

Talking about the basement kitchen ideas, you will need to consider the appliances to choose. The most basement kitchen will incdlue the bar area as the informal dining table and prepaing the food. Some appliancs need to fit is the fridge and cooler. You need to choose them with drawers, beverage cooler, ice maker, and wine cooler, to fit to your counter bar. Oven is the enxt idea that sometimes is available in some sizes. Choose the one that canbe applied under the counter. Then, abut the dishware, you can get the handly appliances on your bar area. It willl alos need to apply the flat television to add entertaining situation.

Installing the Storage and Lights in Basement Kitchen Ideas

For otehr recomendations, you will need the cabinet storage to install. The storage is chosen for some reasons. will the storage save the dshes, bowls, and the platers? You can get the cabinet as storage. If you want to cake in the basement kitchen ideas, you maay need the pots, bakeware, and also pans. But, if you wnat to store the glasses, you can display in the cabinet with the glass front door style. The way you set the cabinets in the basement kitchen bar ideas should also relate to the drawers needed. Beside storage ideas, lighting system is a kind of essential aprt. You can’t ignore that lights hold very important rule to amke the room lighter. Moreover, it is in the basement.

The other considerations that should be prepared besides tose two options are such as the flooring ideas and sink plcement. The electrical outlets, and counter ideas need to be prepared. Those considerations will be realy useful for you before making new kitchen in basement. So, prepare yourself to make basement kitchen ideas with some tips done.

Sophisticated Ultramodern Design in Sleek Look

House addition brought by Himes Miller Design Inc employs ultramodern design for both house exterior and interior. The house exterior is in sleek design of a contemporary house. Neutral colors are applied as the exterior color theme. Grey color is applied in the exterior wall. The exterior flooring is from wooden materials making this house looks elegant. The outdoor staircase has wooden steps too. White steel balustrade is applied in this staircase. The addition project conducted in this Los Feliz addition brings the great stylish result.

Attrative Wooden Material Usage Applied in Los Feliz Addition House Equipped with Iron Material of Gurardrail

The bedroom is in wooden and neutral color accent. The bedding is in grey color covered with grey duvet. The bedroom interior wall is in white color with wooden accent behind the bedding. The wooden flooring makes this bedroom interior looks warm and it has grey and white color. The large wall mirror is framed with dark wooden frames. Contemporary lightings are placed over the mounted tables in sleek design. Ultramodern design concept always emphasizes on the practical style in every elements.

Ultra Comfortable Bedding Unit with Grey Mattress Design Ideas Finished with Wooden Wall Panel in Los Feliz Addition House

Minimalist bathroom is in bright design. Large glass windows are installed in this bathroom giving the airy impression on this bathroom area. This window also displays green environment surrounding the house. Sleek bathroom dresser is in wooden color in the lower part with white surface. Modern basin is set together with practical stylish faucet. Large wall mirror is placed on the wall by the dresser. The bath tub is placed by the windows with oval white style. Bathroom flooring is from the wooden materials in chevron texture. The white lightings are set over the wall mirror giving white light in this bathroom.

Bright Interior Design Applied in Los Feliz Addition House Finished in Bathroom Equipped with Glass Panel Ideas

The outdoor space looks great located in the second floor. It looks like spacious balcony with patterned tile flooring. Grey is still the main color of this space. Steel balustrade in simple design is set for this second floor terrace. Stylish outdoor furniture makes this outdoor space becomes the relaxing place to enjoy the surrounding views. Practical ultramodern design is the stylish design and suitable to be employed in contemporary house.

Comfortable Outdoor Living Space Applied in Los Feliz Addition House Finished with Grey Deck Equipped with Iron Fencing Unit

Chic Home Interior Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Style

Two White Chairs Design Ideas Applied in Weatherly Drive House Living Room Interior Design with Cream Wall Painting Ideas

Looking at home interior concept, you should consider this Weatherly Drive interior. Himes Miller Design Inc designed this interior by mixing the concept of traditional and modern one. The client of this professional architectural firm does not want the interior accent that is too contemporary. Therefore Himes Miller Design Inc mixes the sense of classic touch and modern style. The design concept can be seen from the bedroom interior design. The bedding with four pillars is the focal point of this interior. Modern fabric chair is placed together with circular small table by the glass windows. Wooden flooring makes this bedroom looks warm and classic.

Wooden Flooring Unit Applied in Weatherly Drive House Inteiror Design of Bedroom Equipped with White Mattress

The color theme of this bedroom interior is in neutral color choice. Bedroom wall is in white painted wall. Contemporary painting is placed as the interior decoration in this bedroom interior. The living room is designed in warm accent. The neutral colors are combined with dark color theme of the furniture. Neutral color is the theme applied as the interior wall of this room. The focal point furniture is in dark brown leather colored. It is combined with the black and white patterned sofa. This gives the accent of contemporary home interior.

Elegant Living Space Applied in Weatherly Drive House Finished with Brown Color of Sofa Set with White Rug Ideas Plan

The neutral colored wall is decorated with a set of contemporary paintings. The lighting in this room is from modern lightings set on the white ceiling of this living room. A pair of classic style chairs is placed together with the leather sofa. The modern table with glass surface is placed in the middle of this seating. Colorful cushions are placed on the dark brown sofa.

Cozy Dining Room Interior Design Equipped with Green Wall Painting for Relaxing Atmopshere Ideas in Weatherly Drive House

The dining room looks classy with a set of modern furniture combined with classic chandeliers as the table decoration. Classic chandelier is hung above this sleek table. Home interior design can be the alluring and beautiful one by employing the mixture between traditional and modern concept.

Perfect Family Room with Kitchen Great Ideas

Astonishing Kitchen Decor with White Cabinetry and Tile Backsplash at Atherton Kitchen with Skylight Window and Breakfast Nook

Having a small space in the house usually makes you combine the family room with kitchen to save space. The idea of this combination has been applied to many house, but be careful because to combine the two room, you need to think about the right choose of color, furniture, and also decoration because it will all be seen as one. Margaret Wimmer, Residential Design is one of the successful architects to make the combination to the Atherton Kitchen / Family Room.

This family room with kitchen design uses many bright colors. Yellow tiles are used as the kitchen backsplash. The cabinetries are white with granite tops. The island of this kitchen also uses the same color and materials. While the stove is integrated to the cabinetries, the stainless steel stove and sink are integrated with the island. There are also two bigger ovens placed beside the cabinetries. Above the cabinetries, there are two wooden statues that are arranged to face each other.

There is a pocket in the room that is used to place the round wooden dining table with five wooden chairs. All part of this room use red stone tiles flooring and cream wall color. In the living room side, there is a fireplace with stonewalls around it and a painting of animals above. There are also cabinetries made from wood and shelves used to place the books and decorations. On the other side, there is a TV placed above the cabinetries.

There is a set of couch with striped motives and yellow color. Near it, there is a small wooden table. There are also two rattan chairs with red seats and a small table used to place the ashtray. The lighting uses sky lamps that placed on the wooden ceiling. You can also see some duck statues that decorate and accompany the family room with kitchen furniture that are placed on the shelves and on the island.

Cozy House of Art Room Ideas

Fabulous Living Room Decor with Corner Glass Window and Traditional Fireplace Design Applied Artistic Wall Painting at Coronado Residence

Working as an artist, or has a hobby to collect artworks will need the house of art that is cozy and has spaces to put the artworks in their house. The exterior can be just an ordinary one. But you can show your creativity by using the unique-shaped furniture or colorful furniture for your rooms. You can do the mix and match yet has a great artistic house that will attract the guests.

Beautiful Home Office Design at Coronado Residence with Neutral Painting and Much of Glass Windows Full of Painting Room
Modern Minimalist Living Room Design with Orange Fabric Chairs Fireplace in Coronado Residence Decorated with Wall Lamps and Wall Painting

Studio|FORMA has brought you house of art ideas. The living room of the well-designed Coronado Residence will be a great example. The small table has unique shape with a round glass and three wooden pieces that have bright colors. On the floor, you can also see a rug with abstract motives. There are two small couches with brown color that goes well with the carpet and table, and there is a fireplace that is covered with wood on the outside part to place two wall lamps and a painting that has contrast colors.

Near the fireplace, there are some windows with white frames and covered by bamboo curtains. On the corner of the room there is a wooden cupboard with some shelves to place some decorations like a globe, a small antique clock and some candles. Beside the cupboard, there is another abstract painting hanged on the wall. On the other corner, there are some spaces near the white-framed windows to place many of other paintings.

Maybe you will think that there is a waste of space for the window that can be used to hang the paintings, but the windows that face outside can let the natural light comes in and also give a chance for people outside to take a peek. Though it’s not the focus, but you can see from the pictures that there is a couch with some patterns and colors that can give another artistic touch to the house of art living room and brighten the room.

Modern Woman’s Apartment for Business Lady

If you a businesswoman who are living alone, you can choose to use woman’s apartment ideas. Living alone can make your choice of furniture and decoration to be made by yourself. You can also choose your favorite color as your furniture, wallpaper, and flooring. You can also choose the decoration that doesn’t need to be cleaned often because of your business and the little time you have to clean the apartment.


The LP design studio shows us a woman’s apartment ideas for busy women in “business lady’s apartment”. The room is beautifully designed with white as the main color that makes the look of the room clean. There are two bedrooms that use different colors, white and red, and silver and gold. The curtains use soft pink color that makes the room looks elegant. There are two single couches with striped cushion placed near the window. Near the couches there are two bookshelves to place your books.

There is a large cupboard with two mirror doors that can help you get dressed. To watch the TV, you can sit on the white couch. Below the TV, there is a small space that is used to place the DVD player, while the dining table made from wood with metal chairs made for four persons. Near the dining table is the kitchen that uses white cabinetries. There is also an island and three white lamps above it. Many chandeliers are used in the apartment as the lighting.

There is also a bouquet of roses placed in the island and give some colors for the room. The bedroom use patterned wallpaper to add more motives to the plain room, while the other bedroom uses patterned curtains. There are some shelves used to place some dolls and antique stuffs that can be the woman’s apartment decoration that are integrated on the wall.

Alluring Beach House Decorated with Oceanic Style

Nice Cream Sofa Set Design Idea Applied in Corona Del Mar Beach Home Finished with Small Fireplace ideas

Most of beach house is designed in light and breezy accent. It is also the concept employed by Corona del Mar designed by Bliss Design Firm. This waterfront resident looks beautiful in white color theme. Besides of the light impression, this interior design supports the minimalist concept as its style. The living room is in white as the monochromatic color theme. Modern white sofa looks great with white interior wall and ceiling. White simple shelves are also suitable with this white furniture. It displays the oceanic items such as corals and shells in various sizes and shapes. over the modern white fireplace. The shelves are also designed from concrete materials. They display the beach features such as the large shells or ocean stones. The white table is placed besides the white shelves. This table looks unique with the rustic texture. Wooden flooring in dark color gives the contrast color of bold color among the neutral interior color. Beach house decoration applied in this interior fits well with the interior design.

Appealing Home Living design Idea Equipped with Small Table Made from Iron Material in Bedroom Space
Nautical Kitchen Interior Design Applied in Corona Del Mar Beach Home Finished in White Color Scheme Ideas
Two Comfortable Small Chair Design Idea Applied in Bedroom Interior Design Finished with Best Small Table Design Ideas Plan
Unique Dining Room Table Set Design Made from Wooden Material with Cream Rug Ideas in Corona Del Mar Beach Home

The living room looks unique with the large wall clock in rustic texture between the classic chandeliers. Vintage standing lamp gives the additional lighting in this living room. The master bedroom is also applied the light color theme. White interior wall makes this bedroom interior looks bright and clean. Soft colored headboard looks great with white bedding as the focal point of the bedroom.

The minimalist kitchen looks fresh with white kitchen furniture in sleek design. It looks sleek and practical for minimalist kitchen concept. Large glass windows are set giving the airy and breezy impression in this kitchen area. White kitchen cabinets both on ground and mounted style create the simple look. Green plants are placed in the corner of the kitchen giving the natural color contrast among this white color theme. Bright beach house can make you enjoy your stay in the beach and feel like you are part of the oceanic nature.