Basement Apartment Ideas Changed to be New Rooms

Having some troubles to create and design the basement apartment ideas? Maybe you need some inspiration ideas about how to design the basement perfectly. Yeah, it is different with the wasy how you design other rooms. You can utilize this room to be the bedroom for adult, teen, aging parents, or the guests, to be play ground, storage ideas, and some others.

Converting the Basement Apartment Ideas to be New Room

Converting the basement to be a new room may need some ideas. Here, they way creating the basement apartment ideas decorating has several factors to pay attention for. The first is the drywll. It means that you need to install the new wall or adding new panels as good alternatif. In this case, you can paint the drywall scales and texture them in the way that you want. Besides concernign to the drywal,you need to think about carpeting style. The floor in the basement apartment ideas may need some new carpets in which most of the basement situation is still in concrete floor.

Refinishing the Basement Apartment Ideas

Do you need some refinishing basement apartment ideas? This way can be a kind of joy thing that will expand your room to be what you want. Soem options that should be considered are such as turning the deisgn into the entrentainment area, faily room, bar, bedroo, and other room. By knwoing what kid of room you want, you can refinish them properly. Just take some times to make sure that your basement plan is ready to execute. Teh way you redesign and redisplay the basement apartment ideas plans will show you the way you will get isnide. So, never make a fault in deisgning this basement as a new room idea.

Even you have already the concept of the new room in your basement, talking to the profesional deisgner will be properer. It is why sometimes you need to get into them and discuss about anything related to the basement design. Starting form the condition of the basement, shape, size, room want to be, and the other style sthat you want. Now, you are already to redesign your basement apartment ideas to be a new room.

Sophisticated Ultramodern Design in Sleek Look

House addition brought by Himes Miller Design Inc employs ultramodern design for both house exterior and interior. The house exterior is in sleek design of a contemporary house. Neutral colors are applied as the exterior color theme. Grey color is applied in the exterior wall. The exterior flooring is from wooden materials making this house looks elegant. The outdoor staircase has wooden steps too. White steel balustrade is applied in this staircase. The addition project conducted in this Los Feliz addition brings the great stylish result.

Attrative Wooden Material Usage Applied in Los Feliz Addition House Equipped with Iron Material of Gurardrail

The bedroom is in wooden and neutral color accent. The bedding is in grey color covered with grey duvet. The bedroom interior wall is in white color with wooden accent behind the bedding. The wooden flooring makes this bedroom interior looks warm and it has grey and white color. The large wall mirror is framed with dark wooden frames. Contemporary lightings are placed over the mounted tables in sleek design. Ultramodern design concept always emphasizes on the practical style in every elements.

Ultra Comfortable Bedding Unit with Grey Mattress Design Ideas Finished with Wooden Wall Panel in Los Feliz Addition House

Minimalist bathroom is in bright design. Large glass windows are installed in this bathroom giving the airy impression on this bathroom area. This window also displays green environment surrounding the house. Sleek bathroom dresser is in wooden color in the lower part with white surface. Modern basin is set together with practical stylish faucet. Large wall mirror is placed on the wall by the dresser. The bath tub is placed by the windows with oval white style. Bathroom flooring is from the wooden materials in chevron texture. The white lightings are set over the wall mirror giving white light in this bathroom.

Bright Interior Design Applied in Los Feliz Addition House Finished in Bathroom Equipped with Glass Panel Ideas

The outdoor space looks great located in the second floor. It looks like spacious balcony with patterned tile flooring. Grey is still the main color of this space. Steel balustrade in simple design is set for this second floor terrace. Stylish outdoor furniture makes this outdoor space becomes the relaxing place to enjoy the surrounding views. Practical ultramodern design is the stylish design and suitable to be employed in contemporary house.

Comfortable Outdoor Living Space Applied in Los Feliz Addition House Finished with Grey Deck Equipped with Iron Fencing Unit

Modern Woman’s Apartment for Business Lady

If you a businesswoman who are living alone, you can choose to use woman’s apartment ideas. Living alone can make your choice of furniture and decoration to be made by yourself. You can also choose your favorite color as your furniture, wallpaper, and flooring. You can also choose the decoration that doesn’t need to be cleaned often because of your business and the little time you have to clean the apartment.


The LP design studio shows us a woman’s apartment ideas for busy women in “business lady’s apartment”. The room is beautifully designed with white as the main color that makes the look of the room clean. There are two bedrooms that use different colors, white and red, and silver and gold. The curtains use soft pink color that makes the room looks elegant. There are two single couches with striped cushion placed near the window. Near the couches there are two bookshelves to place your books.

There is a large cupboard with two mirror doors that can help you get dressed. To watch the TV, you can sit on the white couch. Below the TV, there is a small space that is used to place the DVD player, while the dining table made from wood with metal chairs made for four persons. Near the dining table is the kitchen that uses white cabinetries. There is also an island and three white lamps above it. Many chandeliers are used in the apartment as the lighting.

There is also a bouquet of roses placed in the island and give some colors for the room. The bedroom use patterned wallpaper to add more motives to the plain room, while the other bedroom uses patterned curtains. There are some shelves used to place some dolls and antique stuffs that can be the woman’s apartment decoration that are integrated on the wall.