Cozy House of Art Room Ideas

Fabulous Living Room Decor with Corner Glass Window and Traditional Fireplace Design Applied Artistic Wall Painting at Coronado Residence

Working as an artist, or has a hobby to collect artworks will need the house of art that is cozy and has spaces to put the artworks in their house. The exterior can be just an ordinary one. But you can show your creativity by using the unique-shaped furniture or colorful furniture for your rooms. You can do the mix and match yet has a great artistic house that will attract the guests.

Beautiful Home Office Design at Coronado Residence with Neutral Painting and Much of Glass Windows Full of Painting Room
Modern Minimalist Living Room Design with Orange Fabric Chairs Fireplace in Coronado Residence Decorated with Wall Lamps and Wall Painting

Studio|FORMA has brought you house of art ideas. The living room of the well-designed Coronado Residence will be a great example. The small table has unique shape with a round glass and three wooden pieces that have bright colors. On the floor, you can also see a rug with abstract motives. There are two small couches with brown color that goes well with the carpet and table, and there is a fireplace that is covered with wood on the outside part to place two wall lamps and a painting that has contrast colors.

Near the fireplace, there are some windows with white frames and covered by bamboo curtains. On the corner of the room there is a wooden cupboard with some shelves to place some decorations like a globe, a small antique clock and some candles. Beside the cupboard, there is another abstract painting hanged on the wall. On the other corner, there are some spaces near the white-framed windows to place many of other paintings.

Maybe you will think that there is a waste of space for the window that can be used to hang the paintings, but the windows that face outside can let the natural light comes in and also give a chance for people outside to take a peek. Though it’s not the focus, but you can see from the pictures that there is a couch with some patterns and colors that can give another artistic touch to the house of art living room and brighten the room.

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