Perfect Family Room with Kitchen Great Ideas

Astonishing Kitchen Decor with White Cabinetry and Tile Backsplash at Atherton Kitchen with Skylight Window and Breakfast Nook

Having a small space in the house usually makes you combine the family room with kitchen to save space. The idea of this combination has been applied to many house, but be careful because to combine the two room, you need to think about the right choose of color, furniture, and also decoration because it will all be seen as one. Margaret Wimmer, Residential Design is one of the successful architects to make the combination to the Atherton Kitchen / Family Room.

This family room with kitchen design uses many bright colors. Yellow tiles are used as the kitchen backsplash. The cabinetries are white with granite tops. The island of this kitchen also uses the same color and materials. While the stove is integrated to the cabinetries, the stainless steel stove and sink are integrated with the island. There are also two bigger ovens placed beside the cabinetries. Above the cabinetries, there are two wooden statues that are arranged to face each other.

There is a pocket in the room that is used to place the round wooden dining table with five wooden chairs. All part of this room use red stone tiles flooring and cream wall color. In the living room side, there is a fireplace with stonewalls around it and a painting of animals above. There are also cabinetries made from wood and shelves used to place the books and decorations. On the other side, there is a TV placed above the cabinetries.

There is a set of couch with striped motives and yellow color. Near it, there is a small wooden table. There are also two rattan chairs with red seats and a small table used to place the ashtray. The lighting uses sky lamps that placed on the wooden ceiling. You can also see some duck statues that decorate and accompany the family room with kitchen furniture that are placed on the shelves and on the island.

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